Thanks for the Memories!

Since began in 2000, our BMW news and discussion sites, and Bimmerfest events have grown in ways we could have never imagined. This has been an incredible journey and we have been privileged to be a part of such an amazing culture of BMW enthusiasts. With that being said, we have decided it is time to pass on the stewardship of Bimmerfest, E46Fanatics, E90Fanatics and F30Driver to the folks at AutoGuide.

This one of the hardest choices we ever had to make, our BMW communities have been a defining part of our lives for the last 17 years. We made the choice knowing that AutoGuide has the resources and team to maintain and grow what we built. A combinations of factors for each of us made this the right time to pass the torch and move on to new projects and phases in our lives. It has been a pleasure building these communities with all of you from the ground up. The connections made because of our BMW communities is one of the things we are most proud of.

Thank you,
Tim & Mark